The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 16

Many thanks to Anon and meropi for the coffees! I've been so sick lately I didn't even have enough energy to post this even though it was translated and TLC'd+edited already. Urgh. What happened was I was starting to feel better, and then I forced myself to go to my lectures and my three hour lab, and then …


The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 15

Surprise chapter!! Merry Christmas guys and happy holidays! Special thanks to Luen who TLC'd this on Christmas Eve and Christmas just so I could get this out today!! (Although I wonder, are there even people reading this? There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest for Promotion Princess, ORZ. Not much comments....) Update on …

The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 14

Catching up on all my updates aha, here is chapter 14!! Translating our dear MC's thoughts sometimes makes me want to cry--from laughter. Oh, MC..... And like always, if you wish to support me please and/or turn off adblockers when viewing this site~~ Enjoy the chapter and see you next time!!