I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 7

CRIES A BIT A LOT. Finally got through my first two midterms!!! So tired now aaaaa, haha the coffee donations from before really got me thru the week ORZ. I still have two more next week, and one the week after, but then I’ll be freeeee…for a few weeks till my November midterms rip.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all noticed but !!! Sakhyulations got remodelled by the AMAZING Snow from SnowyCodex. Snow’s amazing, pls go on over and thank my bby for taking hours to finagle my site into something that actually looks slightly professional. ILY Snow!! ;w; Menu is now on the left upper tab, while widgets like the donation button and email/follow button are on the right upper tab!

That being said, also got some site feedback from awesome krrizis from Ainushi Translations! Got advice about adding pictures to my chapters, so I added some things I hope would make your reading experience more fun!

Hopefully, I can up my translation speed again after my exams this week orz…for now, here’s chapter 7! Hope you guys enjoy~ And before I forget, thanks for the NU ratings (4.7! /o\) and comments and faves, you guys motivate me so much aha!~


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