Was hoping I’ll make it but nooope. I’m pretty much done Promotion Princess chap, around two thirds down Villain Astray chap, and I’m like what, 15 lines into the Heaven Official’s Blessing chap. Honestly I can finish translating all of that in one day, but.

Exams start on Monday. ;;; I’m so behind in studying rip, I’m still like….2 weeks behind in biology and 60 pages behind in sociology……….so rip me ;;;;

Thanks to Lunnear who bought me a whole week’s worth of coffee!! I’ll promise I’ll make it up to you after the exams. Actually, I promise I’ll make it up to everyone and translate loads during my two weeks of winter break, ORZ.

Wish me luck for my exams and see you in like, 12 days lol!!! Gotta get over 90-95% for all of them……..


5 Replies to “Update~~~”

  1. Good luck with your exam and please take care of your self and don’t exhaust your self for us. Really we are grateful for your fast updates, you spoil us so much ;; thank you so much ❤
    I wish you all the best of luck with your exams .


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