Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 2

Merry Christmas!!! Happy Holidays! Has anyone gotten anything amazing yet? Feel free to post your gifts in the comments, I wanna know! As for me, I only opened 4 presents so far (I like saving them and opening a few every hour or so LOL) but I’ve gotten two bottles of perfume, a TY plushie, a makeup bag, a KHR fanbook (!!!), and a novel about angels fighting haha.

Anyway, after who knows how long, I finally finished this chapter rip. It’s only chapter 2 but I already feel as if the chapters are getting longer, LOL. Spent around seven hours on Christmas Eve trying to finish it…

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Enjoy the chapter!


4 Replies to “Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 2”

  1. I dont know why but I cant open the site for chapter 2.. I already click the chapter for 5 times.. please help me! I really want to read it 😣


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