I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 33

Here’s the new chapter!! Thanks to XD who helped me edit some funky lines!! Also, many thanks to Baozi, Kelly, and Anon for the coffees!! Also, loads of love to Ieva for the review on NovelUpdates! /o/

Nothing much seems to happen in this chapter plot-wise, but I rather like it since we got a sneak peek to the events that happened in the time-skip. I wonder how long ago that event was? Hmm…a bit disappointed we didn’t see anything from XZY’s POV for it though……what do you guys think?

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Please enjoy the chapter! /o/


9 Replies to “I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 33”

  1. Sak, 熊孩子 means rascal or brat and is a term from a different dialect than mandarin. Never heard of it either until I started reading cn novels.


      1. Yeah the MC uses this term every time Zirong does something he doesn’t approve of. Think it went something like such a rascal of a brother couldn’t have been raised by him. He uses it a lot when referring to Ziyu too.


  2. Are you going to continue translating next chapter? I’ve been waiting for next chapter but you never come. Please, please, continue it. I really love this story and your translation. Please don’t drop it, I beg you.


    1. As I stated in my update, I have two midterm tests the beginning of next week! I should be back with the next chapter by the end of next week, sorry for the wait and thanks for your patience.


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