Wanted to do a quick update ORZ since I thought you might have been wondering where those weekly releases are. Well, unfortunately, chapter releases will be funky for the next week or so, I’m smack in midterm season and I’ve got two consecutive midterms for calculus and chemistry early next week. Just finished one midterm actually, man, I shouldn’t have crammed for it…. <–says that while cramming for her chemistry quiz at 2AM. Hahaha…….unsurprisingly, I’ve been living off of coffee and tea lately…….

Here are the progress updates:

Promotion Princess: chapter is translated, just, my TLC poor Luen is sick. Send Luen good brain waves so my TLC god will get better!

Heaven Official’s Blessing: a few sentences in I’m sorry.

Villain Astray: Few chunks in, probably done 1/4 or something.

Midnight Cinderella: A few chunks in as well.

Yup. I should be back by the end of next week (if I don’t start procrastinating and decide to run away from work to translate a bit instead of studying) …

Sorry for the wait guys! /o/ I know I just took a break because I got sick but well. School. Thanks for being patient!


AKA Sak is dying—- why school, why



7 Replies to “Update!!”

  1. It’s okay! Good luck on your midterms! 😖 Calculus amd chemistry…orz I admire people who do those subjects. I always hear how ghastly those two are from my friends who did them in highschool 😂


  2. Oh, you got it tough. Thanks for your hard work .Hope you done well with school stuff. I’m looking forward to next chapter of Villain astray but don’t overwork yourself. Have a good rest and take care of your health. 🙂


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